"Mapple Tech designed and developed my business App which is supported on both the platforms Android & iPhone. I am happy and pleased with the App that they created for me. Their team is very supportive and is always willing to listen and kept an open mind for any changes to previously agreed designs..."
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Android training

Mapple Tech provides training Courses for Android.We offer android training courses in compliance with the ongoing demand of IT industry. The Android platform is based upon Linux Kernel and is created by Google & the Open Handset Alliance. Our Android Courses offer you the techniques to develop applications on the Android platform with the use of the Java programming language. After finishing 75% of the course, you will go through live project training, interview preparation, major project training and hiring process in IT industry.

Android training quickly get you up to speed with writing apps for Android devices. You will learn the basics of the Android platform, and gain an understanding of the application lifecycle. By the end of the course, you will be able to write simple GUI applications, use built-in widgets and components, work with the database to store data locally, and much more.


Graduates / Post Graduates from Computer Science background and candidate should have Knowledge of Core Java programming language.

Core Android: Course duration 1 month

  • Introduction To android
  • Android Overview and History
  • Android Stack
  • SDK Overview
  • Hello World App
  • Main Building Blocks
  • Basic Android User Interface
  • System Overview
  • Advanced UI
  • Multimedia in Android
  • SQLite Database
  • Basic Content Providers

Advance Android - Duration 2 months

  • Custom Content Providers
  • Location Services
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Intent Filters
  • Networking
  • Sensors
  • WiFi
  • Telephony
  • Camera

iPhone training

People Gap offers iPhone training programs in Noida, iPhone is currently one of the largest selling product in the market. This device has completely changed the way we used to treat mobile phone. Earlier mobile phone were used only for communication now mobile are used for entertainment and work, an iPhone is beautiful and capable device; changing the cellular carrier and handset industries that is more than capable of fulfilling most consumer's mobile computing needs. Introduction of iPhone in the market has converged the power of a computer in a small hand help device which can be easily carried anywhere and anyplace. Such revolutionary is the whole idea that upcoming technical revolution will be scripted using this device.


Graduates / Post Graduates from Computer Science background and candidate should have Knowledge of Core Java programming language.

Iphone : Course duration 2 month

Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development and the Objective-C Language

  • Objective-C syntax and constructs
  • Xcode IDE
  • Foundation framework
  • Building Objective-C classes
  • Properties and methods
  • Debugging using Xcode and GDB
  • Memory management

Building a basic iPhone application, Interface Builder, Views, View Controllers and Table Views

  • Building a simple iPhone application
  • Views
  • iPhone view hierarchy
  • Delegates
  • Interface Builder
  • View controllers
  • Architecture techniques
  • Scalable application design
  • Table views
  • Navigation
  • Navigation controllers

Application Navigation, Animation and Multi Touch, Deployment, Provisioning

  • Custom table cells
  • Resources and image handling
  • Animation
  • Touch
  • Advanced Objective-C programming
  • Development and deployment
  • iTunes connect
  • App Store overview

Hybrid application training

Today, technology changes so expeditiously that most businesses require enormous flexibility and scalability to adapt content, design and even application architecture, all on the fly. By deploying applications that rely on a vital combination of HTML5 Web technologies and native OS features, you preserve a large degree of control over the content and design of the solutions we build for mobile platforms.

One of the android platform available user interface controls is the web view. The web view functions as a small web browser and is capable of parsing and displaying data similarly to any web browser. Its implementation is based on the WebKit open source browser. The same engine Chrome and Safari are based on. The methods we can call on a web view object allows us having a smooth integration between the data displayed within the web view and the native part of our application. This integration allows us to enjoy both worlds.

This course focuses on this new type of applications, also known as hybrid applications.


Graduates / Post Graduates from Computer Science background and candidate should have Knowledge of Core Java programming language.

Hybrid application: Course duration 2 month

  • CSS
  • DOM
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile
  • WebView

Firefox application training

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured browser that makes browsing the Internet more efficient. Firefox is the award-winning Web browser produced by Mozilla. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is an alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox includes a variety of additional features such as extensions, themes, and tabbed browsing that can make your Internet experience more enjoyable and productive.


Graduates / Post Graduates from Computer Science background and candidate should have Knowledge of Core Java programming language.

Firefox application : Course duration 2 month

  • What Is Firefox?
  • Using the Firefox Interface
  • Browsing and Searching With FirefoxFirefox Options
  • Setting General Options
  • Setting Privacy Options
  • Setting Popup and Image Options
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • DownloadsModifying Firefox
  • Themes
  • Extensions
  • Modifying Your Toolbars
    • Camera
    • Bluetooth

Tizen training

Tizen will provide a robust and flexible environment for application developers, based on HTML5. With HTML5's robust capabilities and cross platform flexibility, it is rapidly becoming the preferred development environment for mobile apps and services. Tizen will offer an innovative operating system, applications, and a user experience that consumers can take from device to device. The Tizen SDK and API will allow developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device segments, including smartphone, tablet, smart TV, in-vehicle infotainment, and netbook.


Graduates / Post Graduates from Computer Science background and candidate should have Knowledge of Core Java programming language.

Tizen � Course duration 2 month

Application development and deployment

  • Upcoming and popular applications (development stories, sharing experiences, etc.)
  • Tizen API and SDK (tutorials, news, tips and tricks for making great applications, development tools, and helpers)
  • App development for HTML5/Tizen native application strategies for Tizen devices
  • Design guidelines and User Experience (different Tizen device categories, form factors, crossing the boundaries between them, and differentiation)
  • Deploying Tizen apps worldwide, including monetization, internationalization, and localization

Device/Product development

  • New devices and product development stories (experiences, process, challenges, differentiation)
  • Improvements and developments in Tizen hardware adaptation (performance, power, Linux kernel developments, porting process, etc.)
  • Information around supported hardware platforms (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, and challenges)
  • Platform tools and process (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, tips and tricks, QA etc.)

Tizen project, process, and progress

  • Platform overview and key components (status and roadmap)
  • Activity reports from various project areas
  • Project challenges and discussions on project and process
  • Outreach - engaging companies, governments, and others
  • Community building and fostering
  • Documentation, artwork, infrastructure